P3 Los Tres

P3 is LOS TRES and is in the Ponce Enriquez area of Ecuador.

P3 is in the Ponce Enriquez area, one of the most productive mining districts in Ecuador. Small scale miners have been producing gold from the rich alluvial veins for the last 30 or more years.
A producing tunnel, in a neighboring concession, ends at the boundaries of P3. Initial ground surveys show the vein continues within P3 for approximately 1.6km. The north-east corner of the concession, the vein system continues to many other producing projects such as Guadalupe and Rio Negro. The vein shows promise immediate production.

The Ponce Enriquez Gold Mining Area

P3 is close to other producing projects most notably Muyuyacu (also known as Gaby). Muyuyacu has proven reserves of up to seven million ounces.


Also, neighbouring P3 is Papa Grande with similar porphyry.

Our Targets

A second highly attractive Ecuadorian concession.

A British Columbian based option.